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Applications now being accepted
Any business looking to offer support through sponsorship are welcome to submit their request - as we grow this site together we will grow your business with it.
3 2 Discussion Board Sponsorship
by ignobolis
     A and T Society - A proud History
The A and T Society of Queensland is The Aquarium and Terrarium Society of Queensland - www.aandtsociety.org - we have a long professional, ethical and proud record as a club which was established in 1926. We have no affiliation with any other club or forum that shares our name or similar on their pages. We welcome and encourage all current and new members to share our knowledge base and resources and welcome all and any constructive feedback and input.
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Moderators Only
A private discussion area only viewable by moderators.
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Community News & Announcements
10 5 AGM - 23rd June 2015
by Jadedavo
     Club Activities - Why not get involved
Choose your T-Shirt design
I will post up variations of design for our club T-Shirts. Below will be a POLL - you can vote for your favourite style or leave a comment and a change of design you would like to see.
5 2 Freestyle design
by ignobolis
Club advertising brochure
Hi All We would like to get the club awareness raised by creating flyer in DL size- DL stands for dimension lengthwise and is a common size for envelopes and promotional materials such as brochures and flyers. The C Series in the ISO 269 standard defines DL size to be 100mm × 210mm, which is also exactly a third the size of an A4. An example of content is set out below - please contribute to the content and layout ideas - you never know it could be your design attracting 100's of new members.
1 1 Here is a suggested example -...
by ignobolis
Welcome new members
Please take a moment to introduce yourself and your interest.
3 1 Introduction - Hello and welc...
by davoB
     General Discussion
Upcoming events
This is an International Conference presented by the QLD Cichlid Group - 14th March 2015 - Carseldine
4 4 Meetings - ALL WELCOME
by ignobolis
     Saltwater discussion
Members Tanks
Share your set ups here - we all enjoy new ideas and displays
21 6 introduction to Banggai Cardi...
by Jadedavo
How do you maintain your set up - Water Changes, Dosing, Lighting, Filtration - etc
Help other with your ideas that have worked and other that haven't -
4 3 Feeding your corals
by ignobolis
Aquarium Pests
Share your knowledge and experiences with unwanted critters in your set up and what you did about it.
4 4 4 of the worst Aquarium pests
by Jadedavo
     Local saltwater life
What have you seen ?
Show off what can be found around your area.
7 6 Zoo Plankton -Coral food
by ignobolis
     Freshwater discussion
Here we cover all Freshwater discussion
Please join the Freshwater world in discussion - feel free to share
5 4 Most amazing aquascapes -
by ignobolis
Show off your Reptiles
Frogs, Lizards, Tortoise, Snakes - they are all welcome here
3 2 Chameleon- I want one
by Jadedavo
A word that still excites us with the unlimited potential -
3 2 Show us your Terrarium -
by Jadedavo
     DIY - Custom built sharing
Do you make your own stuff ?
Share your builds and custom gear here -
3 1 Home made display stand - sui...
by ignobolis
     Favourite Tank
Show us the best tank ever
Post up a picture of your favorite tank seen so far -
4 3 Huge -
by dendrobate
     All other water Activities
Anything of Interest
Post anything else you may like to discuss
by ignobolis
     Items for sale
items for sale
Sell your related equipment here -
6 3 Fish tanks - preloved
by Jadedavo
Post up anything else-
5 4 A little bit of humour!
by Jadedavo
     We welcome your feedback - please be nice :)
Feed Back
Please feel free to offer and constructive feedback - things you would like to see or things we can do to improve.
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